South African Immigration Regulations

Dive The Big 5 has received the following official notification from the South African Tourism Board on the ongoing issues of child birth certificates and biometric visas.

We are so pleased to announce that they have made some significate changes in order to address the difficulties surrounding these two issues. Please read below:


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I would mention the most important part, this was a dream vacation, where almost everything we dreamed about happened.


Thomas, 14 June - 14 July 2014

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Unique to Africa & Dive the Big 5

White Shark & Wildlife Dive Safari

Where else in the world can you dive with the White Shark on one day and view the “Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) the next?? Only in South Africa!!


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Big 5 Shark Dive

The Dive The Big 5 “Big 5” Sharks are Tiger Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, Hammerhead Shark and the Great White Shark. The first four were all found in great abundance on Protea Banks.

Tiger Shark 5

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Bush & Beach

Experience Africa’s “Big 5” lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo and dive with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in tropical Mozambique.


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White Shark / Wildlife / Whale Shark Dive Safari

Experience the thrill of viewing the Great White’s, the excitement of viewing lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo in the wild from an open safari vehicle, and then the sun drenched white beaches of tropical Mozambique.


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exclamation markexclamation markWhen considering the cost of your tour, it’s very difficult to put a price on the “local knowledge”, the “past experiences” and the “expertise” of your tour operator. Unfortunately you only realise this after your trip, and then it’s too late.  
Dive The Big 5 since 1996!


Hi Tim / Alicia.

Just arrived from our beautifull journey to your Country “ safe and sound”, i would like to write to you a more or less extensive letter with our impresions about the experience. As i asume that you (as a Tour operator) ussualy like to have feedback from your customers i would like to transmit to you my/our impresions.

First of all my most sincere Congratulations and gratitude for your really wonderfull planning of our trip . Everyting was perfect, well organized and enjoyfull, including transports, hotels,activities…..really wonderfull

I will try to go through the journey in some detail
  1. We had bad luck with the White Shark cage Dive. We could only do 1 dive, and it was in murky waters and rough sea, but of course, this is nobodies falt. I think i heard Alicia telling me by phone that you wil reimburse us the one day we couldn´t do the activity, Is that so?
  2. The Wineland Tour was substituted (With Ralphs recomendation) for a one day Tour in Cape Town with a car at our entire disposal. Here again we had bad luck because Table Mountain was closed and we had heavy rains, but anyway we enjoyed very much the tour through the city , and our lovely taxi driver/guide
  3. Vic Falls very nice and specially the Taita Falcon Lodge was really a wonderfull place worthwhile visiting. In the next day we made, by ourselves, a nice safari in Chobe National Park, absolutely recomendable.
  4. Thonga Beach Resort is a “must”, it is amongst the most beautifull places i have ever been. Diving superb : We saw and “nearly Touched” a big Raggie Shark, multiple turtles, groupers……. Because of bad sea weather, we did both dives on the second day, with very competent skipper an guide diver.
  5. Zulu Cultural Village on our way to Rhino was an interesting visit, i think that necesary to understand native culture.
  6. Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge again was a wonderfull hotel, beautifull and fully equiped. In this game safari we had nice sightings of Rhinos, lions..,. except for elephantts and the shy wild catts
  7. Caza Beach guest House in Durban is runned by a nice couple of Belgium couple and we very much appreciatted their friendiness.

All in all we have had a wonderfull journey, Southafrican people beeing very nice and friendly with us, and enjoying a beautifull Country . Tim/Alicia, we believe that it has been a very well designed journey, thanks to your efforts and organization.

Abnother question : We may seek your advice for next year for a diving tour including; Sardinia Run , Aliwall Soal, Raggie and Tiger Shark Diving. I believe that this 3 activities are nor far away one from the other.

I will come with this diving jopurney in future emails (Best time of the year, prices, possibility of doing the 3 activities……?

To conclude this “Massive” email I would like oncemore , in my name and of the other 5 members of our tour, to express our deepest gratitude for the lovely journey you have planned for us.

Thanks a lot

Hoping to see you son, yours sincerely

SIGNED: Agustin



Scuba & shark cage diving tours and safaris in South Africa and Mozambique

Dive the Big 5 specialises in scuba and shark cage diving tours and wildlife safaris that encompass the entire coastline of Southern Africa, including Mozambique.

Right here, right now, read about our dive tours, visit the areas we will take you to, speak to others who have gone before you and, tapping into our experience of more than 17 years in the diving industry, start planning your next trip.


  Southern Africa's Top 10 Dive Trips
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